Protoype Success

Prototype and conceptual parts can be produced very quickly these days, a far cry from the fabrication days of yore.
This has and does assist industry with its main concerns of launching new products and shortening the time to market.
The real cost of introducing new products to any marketplace is rarely fully understood or accounted for and yet it is easily the greatest cost.

Many company failures are directly attributed to never getting a product to market.

How could this happen in this modern age of computing, simulation, design and prototyping capabilities?

It’s usually because the company isn’t aware of the pitfalls of introducing a new product.

In other words, just like all of us, they aren’t aware what they don’t know.

An extremely easy trap to fall into.

Deciding to make a new product is exactly the same as standing on the edge of a desert and a jungle. If you stay in the desert you will surely die, if your company doesn’t bring new products to market it too will surely die.
If you boldly walk into the jungle without being prepared you will also die, it’s just a matter of time.
The same is true of new products. The decision to make a new product is easy, making a success of it can only be done if you either have all necessary expertise or you know where to get that help.
In other words if you happen to be an experienced guide knowing the jungle for many years and you have brought all the necessary equipment such as knives, gun, backpack, food, water, compass, GPS, phone, medical supplies, then you will undoubtedly stand a very good chance of getting through.
Note how the experienced guide needs a great deal of equipment, he can’t do it by himself, but his experience tells him which knife, which gun, where to keep them, how to keep them at the ready and fail proof, after all there’s no point in having the perfect weapon or tool deep in your backpack when you just happen to come across a recently divorced and hungry lion with a headache.
In other words, prepare for eventualities at the beginning or they end up costing you time, money and maybe your company.

So how does any company manage this impossible task?

It’s quite simple, time spent in the early stages of any development program is infinitely preferable to downstream delays. This is where we come in, we have trodden these trails many, many times, seen and understood the pitfalls, understand where they are what you have to do to avoid and overcome with certainty. Our costs are trivial compared and yet so often we are brought in late or even too late. Prevention is always so much better than a cure…

Just as in the case of the guide, a pint and a chat is probably all that's needed to see if he is needed, if he is, an accurate time frame and cost can easily be prepared.

It’s just the same for us, very happy to help you evaluate your needs at the beginning of your project.