We are known for our faithful reproduction of both geometry and surface finish, making to a high quality and reproducing faithfully the original sculptors form and wishes.

Surface finishes, whether its patination for foundry bronze/silver or painting on resin models is also an area of specialisation and pride.

Figurines are made from just about any material, the most common being resin, bronze, silver, wax, plaster and rubber.
The list goes on of course but they and their different surface finishes are our most common.

Quantities from one to hundreds are not an issue for us.

We do have injection mould facilities for higher quantities of small features such as might be needed in dioramas or architectural models.

We recognise making to a budget is essential and we are happy to make recommendations to assist you.

Moulds/tools at their simplest can be made in a few days, however most of our work falls into the 1-4 week category.