40 years of experience making moulds and tools for figurines, models, and dioramas, for the art world but also architectural, and engineering purposes as well. Best processes used for the production of anything from a one off to many thousands.
Materials used over the years include all manner of plastics, resins, plasters, waxes, metals, powders, rubbers.

Bespoke Solutions for you

Process, part and material development all under one roof.
Prototyping since 1977, helping to bring to market thousands of products using our own bespoke solutions.
Developing in partnership with our customers introducing new and exciting processes and materials.
Lateral thinking enabling our customers new product lines and processes is our forte.
Forty years in the business of providing ways to market gives you a safe pair of hands.

Typical on site temporary installation of customers prototype process in our rear 4000 Sq ft factory.